3 Call to Action Alternatives to “Click Here” That Actually Work

Don’t take our word for it. Think about the times you clicked on a call to action button. Chances are, it didn’t say “Click Here.” Investing in a strong website designed to convert visitors to sales is smart, but only when your CTAs are effective. Just like the other parts of your website or email blast, the call to action button should speak directly to your prospects and leave them no choice but to click.

So, how can you set your call to action button on fire? Here are some smoking hot alternatives to the boring “Click Here.”

1. Personalize the Call to Action

It is human nature to respond when someone is speaking directly to you. Apply this tendency to your CTA buttons and watch the conversions soar. Here are a few examples of first person CTAs:

  • Get Me Started
  • Sign Me Up
  • Yes, I’m In
  • I Need This

According to research conducted by HubSpot, personalized CTAs convert 42% better than standard calls to action.

2. Reverse the Risk

Neil Patel has conducted extensive testing on risk reversal and is a huge fan of free trials. Calls to Action that have no risk associated with signing up are the most clicked CTAs. Instead of “Click Here” or “Sign Up,” try:

  • Join Free For 30 Days
  • Give Us A Try, It’s Free
  • Claim Your Free Trial
  • Unlimited Access Guaranteed

Using call to action buttons to promote risk reversals such as free trials, guarantees, or easy return policies creates an environment of comfort and encourages that click.

3. Be Creative

Tie your brand’s message to your call to action to continue the experience for your prospect. Think outside of the CTA box and be creative, daring your visitor to click. Here are some great examples of how this works:

  • Humboldt County features breathtaking nature footage and a “through the looking glass” theme that feels magical. A rabbit icon with “Follow the Magic” compels visitors to this site to click to see what is next in the adventure.
  • Dueling CTAs provide creative options and leave visitors with no choice but to click one or the other. Madewell does a great job of this when two CTA circles appear. One says, “Yes, Take me there” and the other says “Hmmm, what’s next?” With either click, the visitor remains on the page and you get the click.
  • Websites that are focused on collecting leads are most successful when the CTA on their lead magnet is creative and catchy. “Grab this template!” and “Make My Emails Pop” are creative calls to action that inspire a sense of urgency that compels visitors to respond with a click.

Whether your goal is to collect an email lead, make a sale, or push a subscription, call to action buttons can make or break your efforts. So, hurry up, and: