Is Your Website a Lead Capturing Machine? It Should Be! by E's Web Design

Is Your Website A Lead Capturing Machine? It Should Be!

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Lead Capture

Your website is so much more than your virtual storefront or professional portfolio. Powerful small business websites are also used as lead generating tools that can account for a large percentage of new business. Every business website should accomplish two primary lead capture goals:

  1. Inform your audience about products, offerings, and value.
  2. Capture leads from prospective clients.

We promise that it isn’t complicated and you can make it happen on your website. Here is how:

Calls to Action for Lead Capture

Integrate call to action boxes anywhere that makes sense. Slider images should include a strong call to action such as, “Receive Our Interesting Stuff” or “Learn More.” If your website does not ask for an email from visitors, you are missing out on a valuable opportunity to collect an email address that will open the door to a new client. Do not be afraid to include a thin banner through a web page with creative call to action boxes.

Lead Magnets

A lead magnet is an irresistible offer that website visitors willingly provide their email address to receive. The offer is carefully developed in order to attract and target a specific audience that has a high likelihood of converting into actual sales. Lead magnets include the following ideas:

  • Analyzer Tool
  • Instructional Video
  • Checklist
  • “How To” ebook
  • Live consultation
  • Coupon or other discount
  • Free sample
  • Quiz or survey
  • Free trial
  • Sweepstakes entry

When websites include side bar boxes offering irresistible content or tools, the email leads will begin to pour in. And these leads are eager and willing to learn more, do more, and be more. Take advantage!

Landing Pages for Lead Capture

Once you have developed a few high value offers, landing pages can be used to generate leads that convert. Landing pages are clean, very specific web pages that have the sole objective of capturing a lead. They rarely include navigation buttons and they are clear about what the ultimate goal of the page is: Exchange an email address for a valuable offer. Landing pages can be created as part of your existing website or can be created with separate urls.

Pop Up Boxes for Lead Capture

Businesses who include pop-up boxes on their websites experience a lead increase of up to 600%. That number is difficult to argue against. Yes, pop up boxes can be annoying, but they work. A few ideas for reaping the benefits of a pop up box without disturbing your visitors are:

  • Present a pop up box at the end of the content.
  • Introduce a pop up box when the visitor indicates that they intend to exit the site.
  • After the page scrolls, slide in a pop up box.
  • Add a pop up sidebar that does not cover the content.

However you choose to implement the pop up, make sure that you use it as an effective tool to generate leads.


In an online environment where businesses are paying hundreds of dollars to acquire one email lead, what is the value of your lead? The answer is ZERO! Unless, of course, you take advantage of the lead. And then it can be worth thousands.

Behind the email leads are actual people who are eager to speak with you and learn more about your product offerings. These leads are your best opportunity to create a sale from a lead.

Use your new email leads to reach out, connect, develop relationships, and ultimately, cultivate an ongoing, profitable relationship.


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