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Convert Leads into Sales

Inspire Action: 3 Ways to Convert Email Leads into Sales

You have begun to receive those magical little email addresses in your email manager. Congrats! Ideally, you would like for the people behind the emails to become customers. Because of your irresistible lead magnets, compelling website, and calls to action, you are creating an audience of people who are generally interested in receiving more information from you. So, what is the next step?

1. Build a Relationship

Contact Form

If you have received an online form from your website, someone has taken the time to complete this form on your Contact Us Page, or anywhere else, this is your opportunity to begin a conversation with that potential client!   This is a LEAD, and you now have an opportunity to convert this lead into a sale!   You can now begin a dialogue, answering their questions and inspiring trust. It’s up to you.. if you received that contact form, go get’m, that’s what you want: converting a leadto a sale can often be as simple as following up… so FOLLOW UP!

Email Opt-in

Through effective email marketing, relationships are built that will eventually translate into new customers. Only around 10-25% of email communications with your leads should be sales-oriented. The remaining percentage should focus on strengthening your relationship with your audience and establishing your business as a primary source of industry specific information. Including value added offers are a great way to build trust with prospects:

  • White papers
  • Tickets to events
  • Ebook downloads
  • Videos
  • Other resources

Once you learn about your new leads and their needs and interests, you will be better able to meet their future needs.

2. Don’t Give Up

Developing a conversion plan is essential. Relying on one single email will lead to disappointment. Leads like to be courted. Expect the majority of your leads not to respond. If they have not unsubscribed from your emails, they are still an interested lead. A few tricks for encouraging more response are:

  • Resend emails with different subject lines.
  • If your leads do not respond by acting, reword the email highlighting a different incentive to act.
  • Repackage content in different formats such as infographics, visuals, videos, etc.
  • Send emails at different times of the day.

Perform testing and try many different approaches in an effort to reach your audience in the way that they want to be reached. Remember…you worked hard to earn these leads so don’t give up.

3. Learn More About Your Leads

If your call to action only requested an email address, try to learn more information about your lead. Behind that email is an actual person. The more that you know about that person, the more likely you are to convert the lead into a customer. Here are a few ways to get more information from your leads:

  • Facebook Lead Ads. Once you have an email list, you can target your list through Facebook and generate a lead ad. With Facebook’s lead ads, customers can easily provide their information, including a phone number, without leaving Facebook or completing the form. The form is auto-filled and delivered directly to you.
  • Offer a Sweepstakes. Create an email that offers a sweepstakes for a gift card. In order to enter the drawing, leads must complete a form that includes a phone number.
  • Conduct a Survey. Surveys are a great way to learn more about your prospective customers’ needs as well as glean a bit more contact information.

Once you have a phone number or physical address, you have one more way to reach out to your lead in a personal way.

Leads are the key to your future business growth. Growing your email list should remain a marketing priority, but do not forget to schedule time to invest in those leads. Your leads are tomorrow’s clients.