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What You Don’t Know About Google Algorithms WILL Hurt You!

You may have heard about the latest change to Google’s ranking system involving mobile friendly websites…

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3 Game Changing “On-Site” SEO Ingredients

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The Importance of On-Site SEO Ingredients:

Whether you already have a website or are considering developing one, understanding on-site SEO (Search Engine Optimization), and the importance of doing this work (making sure your website designer or developer includes this service in the creation of your site), could ultimately determine the success of your online presence. On-site SEO optimization is not just the process of creating a website that is appealing to both users and search engines. A search engine evaluates your website differently than your audience and without “on-site” optimization, you may find that your website’s reach is sparse.

Did you know:

If you did not realize how important your website’s SEO is, you sure do now. SEO is a complex beast, but the first step to a discoverable website it to take advantage of on-site SEO practices.


Identifying appropriate keywords and using them throughout your website is essential to being recognized by search engines. Free services such as KW Finder and Google Keyword Planner are a couple of tools that can get you started. Select a primary keyword for each page and be sure to include it in the first and last paragraphs of content. Also, use variations of the keyword throughout the content.

Meta Descriptions

Although your page content may be clear and concise, search engines require a bit more help understanding what you website is about. By adding behind the scenes metadata to each page, search engines will be clear about the content and will begin to deliver it to the appropriate audience. It is always smart to add keywords to metadata as well.

Unique Page Titles

Assigning each page of your website a unique and relevant title will ensure that your pages will be discoverable. The page title does not need to match the navigation tab, but it should include a keyword to make the page more favorable to search engines.
Considering these three important ingredients of on-site SEO will give your website an edge over the competition and position your business for success.

Although there is more, this is the first step and very important… we will expound on this further with “on-page” SEO, covering the additional strategies on each individual page or post to more fully optimize your site’s content for discoverability.

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